Multo (Apparitions)

From top to bottom:

  • Living Room: Hong Kong / Multo (Apparitions) Series. 2022. Digital print from Youtube video by ALLEIRA ANNE
  • Bedroom: Kuwait / Multo (Apparitions) Series, 2022.Digital print from Youtube video by EARLY LABLAB VLOGS
  • Bathroom: Saudi Arabia  / Multo (Apparitions) Series. 2022.Digital print from Youtube video by PinayOFW MP BALIKBAYAN
  • Dining Room: Jordan / Multo (Apparitions) Series. 2022. Digital print on from Youtube video by noralie ofw vlog

Because of the hidden nature of domestic work, the abuses of power that Philippine OFW domestic workers endure are largely unknown outside of the Philippines.

In Value Studies: Multo (Apparitions), I wanted to highlight the invisibility of this labor force and question how we got to this moment of large-scale exportation of Philippine labor. I researched hours of YouTube content produced by OFWs in domestic service. Several OFWs would film themselves cleaning and working to show the extent of their labor for others wanting to become OFWs. I gathered clips of OFWs working in regions with the largest concentrations of OFWs in domestic service. Using a separate digital camera, I created “ghostly apparitions” by doing a slow exposure of the YouTube videos.